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Tamir's DeLorean Site: About Me

About Me

My name is Tamir Ardon and I am 29 years old. I currently share time between Los Angeles and my hometown of Chicago. My educational background is as follows: I earned my Undergraduate degree at Beloit College, where I majored in Philosophy while taking the required science courses for Medical School. In 2002 I attended Rush Medical College, where I spent two years completing my Masters Degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I then headed to Hollywood to earn a Masters in Fine Art from UCLA’s Graduate Producing Program. Shortly after graduating UCLA in 2006, I formed a production company with three other friends from UCLA, and now produce feature films and reality television.

My obsession with the DeLorean came at an early age. I actually remember the first time I saw a DeLorean in person. It was 1986 and my mother pulled into a gas station. There sat a DeLorean with the doors up. The owner of the car saw my face light up, and was nice enough to let me sit in his DeLorean. I may have only been six years old at the time, but sitting in that car was something I knew I would do again. A year before, Back To The Future was released, and the combination of the two fueled my deep passion and hobby for both the DeLorean and Back To The Future, as can be seen in pictures of my childhood bedroom decorated in BTTF gear.

In regards to my DeLorean, the car was manufactured in 1982 and is VIN #11474. It is a manual and has a gray leather interior with black leather seats. To find out more about my car, continue to explore this section about me and my vehicle. My DeLorean has a mere 15,000 miles on it, and has been babied its entire life. If you look at the Maintenance records, you can see how much the previous owner loved this car.

I took possession of the car in May 1997. The previous owner had many exotic sports cars and decided he didn't need the DeLorean anymore. His loss was my gain, as the car was in excellent condition when I bought it and I have been doing my best to perfect it during my ownership. I do what I can, but I leave the big stuff for my mechanic.

The DeLorean is not my daily driver, but I do drive it. When the season is right, I can sometimes put up to 30 miles on the car a week. Between work and other obligations I have in life, I try to dedicate as much time as I can to the DeLorean and this web-site. Please enjoy what my brother and I have put together on this site, and hopefully you learn some new and interesting things about this wonderful car and its most interesting maker.

And now onto my DeLorean ...


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