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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Level: Hard

Level: Hard

DeLorean Quiz – Level: Hard

1. What year did John Z. Delorean leave General Motors?

2. When did the first Delorean role off the production line?

3. Which of these items did the initial prototype Delorean not have?

4. On the original prototype, what is the size of the front and rear tires?

5. Where is the temperature gauge switch located on the Delorean?

6. What is the rear-biased weight distribution on the Delorean? (front/rear)

7. What is the predicted durability of the Stainless Steel panels used on the Delorean?

8. Which of these car companies did not share the standard engine in the Delorean?

9. Delorean was in the experimental stages of painting Deloreans with DuPont.
Which color was used on cars that left the factory?

10. Which of these changes did not occur during the production of the Delorean?

11. Which grade of gasoline is suggested in the owners manual for the Delorean?

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