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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Level: Medium

Level: Medium

DeLorean Quiz - Level: Medium

1. What are the Delorean exterior panels made from?

2. What are the sizes of the rims on the Delorean?

3. Which interior color was never produced for the Delorean?

4. What is the top speed of a Delorean?

5. How much horsepower does the Deloreans V-6 engine produce?

6. Which one of these hood designs were never produced?

7. Where is the battery located in the Delorean?

8. Which feature was manual in the Delorean?

9. Where is the horn indicator located in the Delorean?

10. Which area listed was never used as a spot for the radio antenna on the Delorean?

11. What is the size of the spare tire given on the Delorean (inches)?

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