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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Level: Easy

Level: Easy

DeLorean Quiz - Level: Easy

1. What famous movie trilogy was the DeLorean automobile used in?

2. Where is the engine located in the DeLorean?

3. What were the model years for the DeLorean sports car?

4. Where was the DeLorean built?

5. What did the license plate in Back To The Future One say?

6. What does the logo DMC represent?

7. Which layout does the DeLorean use?

8. Which feature is not standard on an actual DeLorean?

9. Where is the gas opening located on the DeLorean?

10. How many "speeds" does the manual transmission have on the DeLorean?

11. How many gas struts are used on the entire DeLorean?

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